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Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson Quiz: 7 Questions to Separate the True Fans from the Fakes

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Leif Erikson, Leiv Eiriksson, or Leif Ericson, also known as Leif the Lucky, was a Norse explorer who is thought to have been the first European to have set foot on continental North America, approximately half a millennium before Christopher Columbus.

Are you a true Leif Erikson expert? Find out with this difficult quiz! Featuring 7 questions on a variety of topics, it's not for the casual fan. Only the most dedicated Leif Erikson enthusiasts will be able to answer them all correctly. Discover your unique strengths.

Where was Leif Erikson born?

  • Vinland

  • Meråker

  • Eiríksstaðir

  • Kingdom Of Agder