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Tskhinvali Quiz: Are You a Tskhinvali Superfan?

Total Questions: 8 | Topic: Tskhinvali

Tskhinvali or Tskhinval is the capital of the disputed de facto independent Republic of South Ossetia, internationally considered part of Shida Kartli, Georgia, and previously the capital of the erstwhile Soviet Georgian South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast.

Get ready to test your Tskhinvali knowledge to the max with this tricky quiz! Featuring 8 questions on a wide range of Tskhinvali topics, it's not for the casual fan. Only the most dedicated enthusiasts will be able to answer them all correctly. Find out how much you really know.

What was the population of Tskhinvali in 2020, given that it was 28,664 in 2012?

  • 45,452

  • 41,528

  • 40,874

  • 32,699