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Social Activist Quizzes

More Social Activist Quizzes

Charles Lindbergh

Social Activist

Charles Lindbergh Brain Teaser: 24 Questions to Test Your Mental Flexibility

Jack London

Social Activist

Jack London Mental Marathon: 20 Questions to test your cognitive stamina

Langston Hughes

Social Activist

Langston Hughes Quiz: How Much Do You Know About This Fascinating Topic?

bell hooks

Social Activist

Bell Hooks: Pioneering Perspectives Quiz" - or - "Journey into Bell Hooks' Words: An Engaging Quiz" - or - "Unveiling the Legacy: A Bell Hooks Quiz Experience" - or - "Beyond the Pages: A Quiz on Bell Hooks' Impactful Work

Dorothy Day

Social Activist

Diving into Dorothy Day: Test Your Knowledge on the Inspiring Life of an American Religious and Social Activist

Anna Hazare

Social Activist

The Awakening of Anna Hazare: A Quiz on the Inspiring Indian Activist

Keith Haring

Social Activist

Exploring the Bold Lines: A Keith Haring Artistic Journey Quiz

Syed Ahmed Khan

Social Activist

The Legacy of Syed Ahmad Khan: Exploring the Life and Work of an Inspiring Indian Muslim Reformist

Simone Weil

Social Activist

Unveiling the Mind of Simone Weil: A Quiz on the Life and Beliefs of a Influential French Philosopher and Social Activist

Denise Ho

Social Activist

Unveiling the Enchanting Harmonies: The Denise Ho Musical Journey

Muhammad Asad

Social Activist

The Extraordinary Journey of Muhammad Asad: A Quiz on the Austrian-Born Pakistani Writer and Social Activist

Dick Gregory

Social Activist

Laughing with Wisdom: The Dick Gregory Quiz


Social Activist

The Extraordinary Journey of Abdul Sattar Edhi: A Quiz on Pakistan's Legendary Philanthropist

Marlo Thomas

Social Activist

Marlo Mania: How Well Do You Know Marlo Thomas?

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