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Chess Players Quizzes

More Chess Players Quizzes

Bobby Fischer

Chess Players

Bobby Fischer Quiz: Can You Get a Perfect Score?

Judit Polgár

Chess Players

The Queen of Chess: Test Your Knowledge on Judit Polgár!

Alexander Alekhine

Chess Players

Mastermind of the Chessboard: The Alexander Alekhine Quiz

Mikhail Botvinnik

Chess Players

Mastermind or Magician: Unraveling the Genius of Mikhail Botvinnik

José Raúl Capablanca

Chess Players

Mastermind of the Board: Unraveling the Legacy of José Raúl Capablanca

Hikaru Nakamura

Chess Players

Checkmate with Charm: The Hikaru Nakamura Quiz Challenge!

Boris Spassky

Chess Players

The Mastermind of Chess: Unveiling Boris Spassky's Legacy

Wilhelm Steinitz

Chess Players

Mastermind of Chess: Unlocking the Legacy of Wilhelm Steinitz

Hou Yifan

Chess Players

Hou Yifan Brain Buster: 30 Questions to Test Your Skills

Emre Can

Chess Players

Master Moves: Unravel the Genius of Emre Can!

Mikhail Tal

Chess Players

Checkmate with Mikhail Tal: A Chess Quiz

Paul Morphy

Chess Players

Mastering the Moves: A Strategic Challenge on the Life and Legacy of Paul Morphy

Fabiano Caruana

Chess Players

Checkmate Challenge: The Fabiano Caruana Grandmaster Gauntlet

Levon Aronian

Chess Players

Mastering the Board: The Levon Aronian Chess Challenge

Anna Muzychuk

Chess Players

Checkmating the Competition: The Anna Muzychuk Quiz

Max Euwe

Chess Players

Checkmate Challenged: The Max Euwe Mastery Quiz

Sergey Karjakin

Chess Players

Checkmate Challenge: Test Your Knowledge on Chess Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin

Wesley So

Chess Players

The Soaring Success of Wesley So: A Chess Quiz Celebrating a Filipino-American Chess Prodigy

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