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U.S. Livorno 1915

Union Sportiva Livorno 1915 is a semi-professional Italian soccer team based in Livorno, Tuscany, competing in the Serie D, the top-level of the semi-professional Italian leagues, after being promoted from the Eccellenza Tuscany. The team's colours are dark red. Originally, Livorno was one of the founding clubs of Italian Serie A, but since the 1950s, the team hasn't been able to reach the top flight, due to two club refoundings in 1991 and 2021. Their best season in Serie A was 1942–43, when they kept up with Torino in a thrilling competition. The US Livorno plays their home matches at the Stadio Armando Picchi.

U.S. Livorno 1915

U.S. Livorno 1915 Facts

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    Livorno were promoted to Serie A after finishing third in the Serie B 2003–04, one of six clubs to be promoted that season.

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    Livorno were promoted again after they beat Empoli 2–1 on aggregate to get the Serie A promotion.

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    In the 2019–20 season of Serie B, Livorno ended up last, leading them to be relegated to Serie C. In the 2020–21 Serie C season, Livorno finished in last place with 29 points following a five-point deduction due to failure to pay player wages on time, and was relegated to Serie D. However, due to the club's bankruptcy, they could not pay the admission fee for Serie D and were reformed in the Eccellenza under the new denomination of Unione Sportiva Livorno 1915 and the ownership of former Prato chairman Paolo Toccafondi.

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    The National Livorno's supporters are well known for their left-wing politics which often spark fiercely violent clashes with opposing right-wing supporter groups, especially those of Lazio and Verona.

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    Since 2005, a group of migrant Livorno supporters resident in northern Europe have styled themselves Partigiani Livornesi Scandinavia (transl.

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