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Film Director Quizzes

More Film Director Quizzes

Quentin Tarantino

Film Director

Quentin Tarantino Expert Challenge: Prove Your Quentin Tarantino Prowess

Clint Eastwood

Film Director

Clint Eastwood Expert Challenge: Can You Beat the Highest Score?

Andy Warhol

Film Director

The Great Andy Warhol Quiz: How Will You Fare Against the Competition?

Woody Allen

Film Director

Woody Allen Challenge: 18 Questions to Test Your Mastery

Martin Scorsese

Film Director

Put Your Martin Scorsese Smarts to the Test

Morgan Freeman

Film Director

Morgan Freeman Quiz: Are You a True Morgan Freeman Fan?

Roman Polanski

Film Director

Roman Polanski Mind Boggler: 18 Questions to Confound Your Brain

Sylvester Stallone

Film Director

Sylvester Stallone Quiz: Can You Get a Perfect Score?

Hayao Miyazaki

Film Director

Journey into the Magical World of Hayao Miyazaki: How Well Do You Know Him?

Paul Newman

Film Director

Paul Newman: The Legend Unveiled - How Well Do You Know this Iconic Actor and Director?

Jean-Luc Godard

Film Director

Godard Genius: Unraveling the World of Jean-Luc Godard - The Legendary French-Swiss Film Director

Luis Buñuel

Film Director

Unlocking the Surreal World of Luis Buñuel: The Ultimate Quiz on the Legendary Spanish-Mexican Filmmaker

Oliver Stone

Film Director

The Oliver Stone Cinematic Challenge: Test Your Film Knowledge!

John Ford

Film Director

John Ford: Master of the Silver Screen

Cecil B. DeMille

Film Director

Unveiling the Legacy: The Cecil B. DeMille Quiz

Ridley Scott

Film Director

Unveiling the Cinema Maestro: How Well Do You Know Ridley Scott?

Michael Crichton

Film Director

Jurassic Genius: The Ultimate Michael Crichton Trivia Challenge!

Peter Jackson

Film Director

Peter Jackson Brain Twister: 20 Questions to Twist Your Mind

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