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More Literary Critic Quizzes

Edgar Allan Poe

Literary Critic

Test Your Edgar Allan Poe Expertise with Our Tough Quiz

Nicolae Iorga

Literary Critic

Embarking on the Life and Legacy of Nicolae Iorga: A Riveting Quiz

Liu Xiaobo

Literary Critic

Unveiling the Legacy of Liu Xiaobo: How Well Do You Know the Iconic Chinese Human Rights Activist?

Umberto Eco

Literary Critic

Umberto Eco Knowledge Test: 27 Questions to separate the experts from beginners

Margaret Atwood

Literary Critic

Unveiling the Literary Genius: The Ultimate Margaret Atwood Quiz

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Literary Critic

Unlocking the Mind of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Journey Through Poetry, Philosophy, and Literary Genius

Heinrich Heine

Literary Critic

Heinrich Heine: A Journey Through the Works of a Literary Icon

Graham Greene

Literary Critic

The Greene Genius: Unmasking the Literary Legacy of Graham Greene

György Lukács

Literary Critic

The Mind of György Lukács: A Journey through Hungarian Philosopher's Insightful Ideas

Johann Gottfried Herder

Literary Critic

The Enlightenment Wordsmith: A Quiz on Johann Gottfried Herder!

René Girard

Literary Critic

The Legacy of René Girard: Unveiling the Hidden Truths of History and Literature

Harold Bloom

Literary Critic

The Brilliance of Bloom: An Engaging English Quiz on Harold Bloom

Henric Sanielevici

Literary Critic

Henric Sanielevici: Discovering the Literary Legacy

Ralph Ellison

Literary Critic

Unveiling the Legacy: The Ralph Ellison Quiz

Lewis Mumford

Literary Critic

The Legendary Mind of Lewis Mumford: An Engaging Journey into American Scholarship

Alexandru Bogdan-Pitești

Literary Critic

The Literary Life of Alexandru Bogdan-Pitești: A Quiz on the Multifaceted Genius

Fredric Jameson

Literary Critic

Dive into the World of Fredric Jameson: An Engaging English Quiz!


Literary Critic

Uncovering the Verses: The Captivating World of John Newton (New Zealand Poet)

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