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More Military Officer Quizzes

George W. Bush

Military Officer

Test Your George W. Bush Expertise with Our Tough Quiz

Ronald Reagan

Military Officer

Ronald Reagan Challenge: Prove You're the Ultimate Ronald Reagan Master

George Washington

Military Officer

27 George Washington Questions for the Ultimate Fan

Abraham Lincoln

Military Officer

Abraham Lincoln IQ Test: 24 Questions to Determine Your Smartness

John F. Kennedy

Military Officer

John F. Kennedy Quiz: Can You Get a Perfect Score?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Military Officer

Dwight D. Eisenhower Expert Challenge: Prove Your Dwight D. Eisenhower Prowess

Charles de Gaulle

Military Officer

Charles de Gaulle Knowledge Challenge: Are You Up for the Test?

Ulysses S Grant

Military Officer

Ulysses S Grant Challenge: 27 Questions to Test Your Mastery

Richard Nixon

Military Officer

Richard Nixon Challenge: Prove You're the Ultimate Richard Nixon Master

Hugo Chávez

Military Officer

Hugo Chávez Quiz: Are You a True Hugo Chávez Fan?

John McCain

Military Officer

John McCain Intelligence Quotient: 26 Questions to measure your IQ

Jefferson Davis

Military Officer

The Jefferson Davis Quiz Showdown: Who Will Come Out on Top?

Andrew Jackson

Military Officer

Andrew Jackson Brain Challenge: 22 Questions to Push Your Limits

Gerald Ford

Military Officer

Gerald Ford Mind Maze: 30 Questions to test your cognitive abilities

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Military Officer

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh IQ Test: How Smart Are You When It Comes to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh?

Jair Bolsonaro

Military Officer

Jair Bolsonaro Challenge: Prove You're the Ultimate Jair Bolsonaro Master

James A. Garfield

Military Officer

James A. Garfield Expert Challenge: Can You Beat the Highest Score?

Douglas MacArthur

Military Officer

Douglas MacArthur Trivia: 21 Questions to Test Your Memory

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